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PASS Awards

During the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, Aurora staff worked tirelessly to support children and families remotely.  They were recognised for their efforts as part of the PASS Awards 2020.


To develop and adapt stories, rhymes and activities by embedding Auslan for digital format and develop a bank of rich bilingual language materials that can be accessed by children and families now and in the future. 

Outcomes of project:

Over 100 Auslan/English stories and activities have been developed for the Aurora School community. These are currently on our learning platform, SeeSaw. Teachers can choose items from the SeeSaw library to suit a particular child, class group or family. A significant outcome of this collegiate project is the dramatic increase in staff skills using technology and professional Auslan interpreters, plus the respect given to all our Deaf staff and their unique language.  

What relevance to special education in Victoria does the contribution demonstrate at school / regional / state level? 

These new digital resources have significantly increased access to Auslan and English as equal languages in the home for our children and families and their extended families and friends. It is our aim in the future to provide these resources to the wider community, including special schools.  The implications of hearing loss are not always understood as Deafness is a low incidence disability. Any degree of deafness may impact a child’s language, communication and social skills – particularly when this is combined with other developmental conditions. Significant numbers of children in special schools benefit from accessing visual resources in their day to day learning. What Aurora is currently developing, has the potential to support many of these children and also the staff in providing access to a visual mode of familiar stories songs and rhymes that are a joy to watch.

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