Meet Other Families

Parent Groups

We know that getting families together to share experiences and stories, is a valuable support. Parent groups are a point of contact to learn about facilities or resources for deaf children in general or in their local area. Groups are organised when parents identify a need or interest. These may be for fathers to get together, groups for parents whose children have additional disabilities and groups for parents wanting to improve their Auslan skills and learn more about deaf culture. All parents and carers are welcome to attend our groups.

Parent Information Seminars

These are designed to provide an opportunity for you to learn and exchange information on

hearing loss and deafness, as well as to meet and get to know other families.

We also provide sessions related to current parent interest. These may include parent advocacy workshops, Hanen programs (communication/language focus), behavioural support, understanding grief and loss, and information specific to additional disabilities.

Family Days

Family Days are full of fun activities and opportunities to enjoy each other’s company and meet families with children with a hearing loss.

Family days at Blackburn and Sunshine are planned.

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