About Us

Aurora School offers a state-wide service to deaf and deafblind children and their families. Aurora provides a home based Early Intervention program, a school based Early Education long day program that includes Kinder and Prep, and individualised programs for deafblind children, and an inclusive Community Kindergarten for deaf and hearing children. Aurora School also offers a Community Learning Room that can be made available for providing learning and professional development opportunities.

School Profile

Aurora School is an innovative educational organisation that provides optimal learning environments for Deaf and Deafblind children and their families across the State of Victoria. Communication, Language and Literacy form the foundation of programs that support each child’s whole development. The addition of an Inclusive Community Kindergarten supports access to the broader environment.


Aurora is purpose-built, & located in Holland Road, Blackburn South. A western campus that supports Early Intervention families is based in Sunshine.

Early Intervention

Early Intervention programs are available to families of children, living anywhere in Victoria, aged from birth until school entry who have a confirmed bilateral hearing loss and who are eligible for the provision of Early Intervention

  • Support from inter-disciplinary teams, including Teachers of the Deaf, Psychologists, Social Workers, Speech and Language Therapists and Deaf  Educators.

  • An early communication program delivered by Deaf Educators.

  • Information about deafness and educational options.

  • Early Learning Groups and Play groups.

  • Language Enrichment Group - three year old Bilingual Kindergarten (accredited with the Department of Human Service).

  • Parent support groups, weekend seminars, family camps.

  • Consultancy support to caregivers other than parents.

  • Video conferencing.

  • Liaison with Australian Hearing and Cochlear Implant Clinic and other service providers.

  • Centre-based and community-based services.

  • Consultancy and professional development programs.

Early Education

Early Education programs are available for children from three years of age who have a confirmed moderate to profound bilateral hearing loss. Early Education focuses on a play based, developmental pathway with particular emphasis on the effective use of expressive and receptive language. Early Education at Aurora School provides:

  • Individualised programs for children from 3 years of age.

  • A play based curriculum  ranging from early education through kindergarten to Foundation.

  • Communication and language development through meaningful experiences, events and outings.

  • A warm and encouraging environment that fosters the development of all students according to individual needs and abilities.

  • Transport provided for students from southern, northern and eastern regions.

  • Parent accommodation available for country families.


Individualized programs include:


  • Curriculum tailored to each child.

  • Specialized speech and listening programs.

  • Outreach and home visiting program.

  • Bilingual programs delivered by deaf and hearing staff.

  • Play based early education that follows the Victorian Early Year Learning and development Framework.

  • Prep curriculum aligned to Victorian Curriculum.

  • A range of specialists programs - PE, Storytime and Art.

  • Transition program for children moving to other educational settings.

  • The support of  strong interdisciplinary teams to maximise student learning.

  • A range of Augmentative Communications including visual, concrete and sensory strategies encourages learning which meets each child’s preferred learning style (where applicable).


The environment is designed to enhance the development of awareness, confidence and independence. Students have access to spacious learning areas that include:

  • Specifically designed learning playgrounds.

  • Sensory Room.

  • Art Room.

  • Library.

  • Multipurpose Room.

  • Auditory Training Booth.

Aurora School Community Kindergarten

Strong, interdisciplinary teams work together to provide individual programs building on the strengths of each child. These teams can include Teachers of the Deaf, a Speech Pathologist, an Audiologist, a Physiotherapist, an Occupational Therapist, an Educational Psychologist and an Orientation and Mobility instructor.

The Community Kindergarten offers a rich positive environment for children enrolled in Aurora School and Local Community Children. Programs offer Auslan and English, and are based on the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.


Aurora offers accommodation for country children and their families who access the school based programs.


Videoconferencing facilities increase the scope of the school’s outreach services. Aurora School delivers quality educational programs to maximise the achievement of deaf and deafblind children. These facilities will be enhanced with a State of the Art Learning Centre as part of the New BER Building


The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development provides transport assistance to those students living in the Eastern and Southern Metropolitan areas of Melbourne.